1) 95527 people have recovered from covid19 in the country. The past 24 hours saw 3708 people being discharged. The country’s recovery rate is now over 48%.

2) Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed the 125th anniversary celebrations of Confederationof Indian Industries (CII) throgh video conference. Prime Minister said the lockdown is behind us. We should all focus at rebuilding our economy and the thrust should be on Atma Nirbharta (self reliance).

3) Prime Minister Modi said that our GDP figures would soon bounce back. He said Talent and Technology are the twin pillars of India’s growth engine. He said that new policies are the need of the hour.

4) Mr. Modi said that India’s farmers are now free to sell their produce anywhere in the country and at the best prices. Farmers are no longer at the mercy of APMCs.

5) The coal and mines sector have also been opened up for private sector. The government is going to play the role of a facilitator for businesses.

6) Prime Minister said that the world is looking towards India as a trustworthy, stable and reliable partner. We need to rise to the occasion.

7) The Indian Prime Minister said government would give more freedom to industries and government would not interfere in each and every nitty gritty of business.

8) Made in India, made for the world is what we should emphasise upon, said the Prime Minister. This will make our local products famous globally.

9) Soon we need to bring down the share of imports. There are many electronic items that can be manufactured in India. This will also provide huge employment opportunities for the people.

10) Prime Minister Modi thanked the Indian entrepreneurs for their role in manufacturing 3 lakh PPE kits daily. We used to manufacture zero kits at the time of the covid19 outbreak.

11) Prime Minister said India’s growth story would be back soon with the determination of our entrepreneurs who have to take Atma Nirbhar Bharat campaign forward. He said he is firmly behind Indian industries. All required support would be extended to make India self reliant.