SNIPPETS at 02:00 PM

1) India’s recovery rate is nearly 49%. A total of 114073 patients have recovered from covid19 till 9 AM today. The Ministry of Health says 80% of the 115042 patients are mild or asymptomatic. Only about 3% patients require ICU or ventilator support.

2) Lt. General Harinder Singh of the 14 Army Corps of India is holding talks with Chinese Major General Liu Lin on the border issue at Ladakh. Both countries had agreed for the talks to sort out issues related to the border.

3) India’s Ministry of External Affairs says, diplomatic talks with China were held prior to the army officers’ meeting in a cordial atmosphere. Both countries agreed that they are committed to stable, peaceful and friendly relations.

4) Bruhanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has ramped up testing for covid19 in India’s financial capital. Mumbai is the worst hit city in India due to the covid19 pandemic. Maharashtra government says it is following all ICMR norms regarding testing.

5) More than 5 lakh people have been tested in Tamil Nadu for covid19. The state is among the best in terms of testing for coronavirus

6) Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to the Rwandan President Paul Kagame. The two leaders discussed the situation arising out of the twin challenges of covid19 and economy. India assured Rwanda of steadfast help in fighting the pandemic. India has sent essential supplies and medicines to the African nation.

7) The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has asked Pakistan to freeze salaries of its government employees, even as the nation is facing the challenges of covid19 and rising prices. Last year IMF had bailed out Pakistan with a loan but on strict conditions.

8) European Union has said that it would allow return of tourists into the block after 30th June. Most European countries are facing a recession. The tourism industry in many countries have become insolvent.

9) UN backed Libyan government forces have ousted warlord Khalifa Haftar from his stronghold Tarhouna in Western Libya. Celebrations broke out after the government forces entered the battered city.

10) Thousands of protesters in Mali’s capital Bamako have asked President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita to step down for mishandling various crises. Mali is also wracked by insurgency.