PM Modi addresses International Diamond Conference via Video Conferencing`

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that his Government is focusing on making India an international diamond trading hub. Addressing International Diamond Conference last evening Council through video conferencing which is being held in Mumbai, Mr Modi said, Government has taken transformative initiatives like Make in India and Skill India and the gems and jewellery sector is a prime example of the potential of these initiatives.

He said, in December 2014, he had announced in presence of the Russian President that India would set up a Special Notified Zone for Indian importers to view and purchase rough diamonds. He said, the Special Notified Zone at the Bharat Diamond Bourse became operational in November 2015 and it has already shown good results.

He said, earlier 80-90 merchants got access to global rough diamonds but now 3000 merchants have this privilege through Special Notified Zone. Mr Modi said, India cherishes exceptional relations with Africa and they are natural partners. He said, India will be happy to support Africa in Gems and Jwellery sector.

The Prime Minister said, the Gems and Jwellery industry should think of encouraging start-ups by entrepreneurs who can create a growing market for made to order Indian jewellery. He said, the Gems and Jwellery export promotion council should consider taking a census of the lowest-paid and least prosperous persons in their industry. The Industry Body gave 21 Crore rupees for Clean Ganga Fund.