The Divine Maestro (Full Version)

This documentary in English, titled “Divine Maestro is on MS Subbulakshmi, first ever Indian musician to perform at the UN General Assembly.. Popularly called MS or MS Amma, this doyen of carnatic music is the jewel of India and one the greatest musicians of India. In this programme we have delved in to devotion and divinity of MS music, her passion, discipline and dedication for music, her mentors (Gurus), her philanthropy, her simplicity and her foray in to films. We have also included original very rare music bytes of MS singing in Japanese, Arabic and English a fact not known even to her admirers and connoisseurs’.

This documentary is written by Ms. Gowri Ramnarayanan and Narrated by Mr. Sunit Tandon. This programme was devised, edited, and produced by Dominic Thomas.