Interview with Haulianlal Guite

Haulianlal Guite is an IAS officer who hails from the obscure Paite tribe of Manipur. He is the first and only IAS officer from the Guite clan, clearing with an All-India 33rd rank in CSE-2011, thus topping the ST category. After selection, he was allotted the state of Rajasthan as his cadre; and in this capacity, he has worked as the executive magistrate of Mt. Abu and the Municipal Commissioner of Ajmer City, among other assignments. As Ajmer Municipal Commissioner, he has won the city the “Best City Initiatives” award from Municipalika in recognition of his efforts in various smart city initiatives. His current assignment is as Officer on Special Duty (OSD) at the Rajasthan State Finance Commission, Jaipur.

Being an avid writer and a philosopher by temperament, Mr. Guite is a philosophically sharp thinker – philosophy being his first love. To this end, he has penned this innovative work, “Confessions of a Dying Mind: The Blind Faith of Atheism”.

When published in April, 2017 (to be separately launched in London in the autumn), the book will become “the first serious philosophical novel of the 21st century” – an ambitious attempt to combine the soundest scientific theories with the deepest philosophical insights to bear on the question: “has modern science done away with God?” The work also stands out in the Kantian tradition by challenging the millennial-long philosophic habit of attempting to prove or disprove God’s existence, showing how such enterprise is altogether doomed.

Mr. Haulianlal Guite remains the only IAS officer from North-East India to write a philosophical book and get it published by a leading international publisher, and the first Indian tribal to pen a nonfiction novel.