K. Arumugam – One Thousand Hockey Legs

People who dream are the ones who can change the world. They have the power of seeing something that’s not right and try to fix it. K. Arumugam is one such dreamer. The geologist turned journalist turned hockey historian turned author feels the first step to revive hockey traditions in India is to bring hockey culture in schools.

Born in Delhi, he studied at IIT and had a perfectly sorted life. But few years back he decided to take voluntary retirement from his high-paying job to chase his dream of providing underprivileged school kids training in hockey.In 2008, India failed to make it to the Beijing Olympics for the first time since their debut in 1928. That’s when, instead of finding faults he decided to start his own NGO called Hockey Citizens Group. Also, he launched his own program One Thousand Hockey Legs to provide children with hockey training at their schools.

Sports journalist Amit Arora is in conversation with this  dreamer who wants to create more hockey players and some awareness about this game.