70 Inspiring Years of British Council in India

British Council which saw the capital swaying to musician from across India, as part of a year – long programme to mark its 70th year in India and to thank India for 70 inspiring years. The inspired by India weekend celebrated Indian talent and creativity with performances by musicians who were part of British Council’s award winning digital platform Mix the City. Performances included Tetseo sisters (Nagaland), the Perimallan Drummers (Chennai), SJ Sagar (Assam), shubhendra Rao, Lama Tashi, Golam Fakir, Paul Jacob, Dan Tsu, Padma Shankar and Curtain Blue (Delhi).

India and the UK have a long and rich history. Mix the Body is an interactive digital platform that lets users choreograph their own contemporary dance piece online and share it with the rest of the world.

UK/India has enriched relationships at all levels of society, building a shared future for generations to come. By experiencing the most innovative and exciting creative work from both countries and exploring the joint history, people will want to know more about each other’s countries and build deeper connections.