Nanu Ki Jaanu : A futile attempt to Horror-Comedy genre


Rating- (2/5) stars       


Endorsed as one of its own kind afterlife love story ‘Nanu Ki Jaanu’, does not meet up with the expectations. However, it could be seen as an effortful attempt of making a comic-horror drama but clearly fails to produce a fruitful outcome, that actually mixes humour with super natural elements.

The story is of Nanu (Abhay Deol), leader of a gang of goons, who takes possession of apartments in Delhi/NCR under the pretext of renting them. He, with his gang that includes Dabbu (Manu Rishi), enters people’s houses as a tenant and terrorizes them to sell their property to him at throwaway prices. His life was moving with the fun and careless attitude. But one fine day, an encounter with a hit-and-run victim changes his life, when he finds Siddhi (Patralekha) lying in a pool of blood on the road. He takes her to the hospital, and despite of his hard efforts, he is unable to save her life. Since It was a miscalculation on part of Yamraj, the god of death, so poor girl has to sacrifice her life for someone else. That reminds of the old movie- Jhukh Gaya Aasman.

Leaving her body with her grieving father (Rajesh Sharma), Nanu returns to work, this time a changed man. Soon after, strange things start happening in his house and a ghost has been identified, haunting him. Surprisingly, this ghost of Siddhi has fallen in love with him. Suddenly, the uncouth man is at his civil and courteous best behaviour. But what will be the outcome of their love story forms rest of the plot.

Written by Manu Rishi, the story fails to do justice and the pace is unbearable especially in the second half. There is no humour attempted, at least during conversations, which leaves us wondering where to laugh. Even the screenplay is scattered, and fails to create horror as such.

There is a cynical dance number of Abhay Deol with Sapna Chaudhary, which could be enjoyed by few people. But he is ill at ease in all other party dance numbers.

Partially based on Tamil movie Pissasu (2014), Nanu Ki Jaanu is a film which makes you disappointed at the half-hearted efforts put in by a team with potential. Though Abhay has played his part well, still it would also be a disheartened for Abhay Deol’s fan club, as the director has been unable to utilize his talent as well. Patralekha, who has been acclaimed earlier for her role in City Lights, has little to do in this venture. There are neither many punches that make you laugh, nor do few shocks that make you scare even. So the genre of Comic-Horror is not explored and presented, the way it could be.