Bhramari Pranayam

Bhramari pranayama or the humming bee breath focuses attention on internal sounds. This pranayama is very effective in calming your mind. It’s removes mental fickleness and helps you overcome tension, anger, anxiety, frustration, depression, lack of sleep, confusion, laziness and migraine attacks. It also helps to control high blood pressure, cardiac diseases, and throat ailments and rejuvenates the body. Practise this asana to get a vision of the divine light in ajna chakra. This makes the mind calm and introspective, helps in meditation and increases memory.

Precautions: Keep your voice low and melodious.
Procedure: Sit in a meditative posture. Keep your back and neck straight, and close your eyes. Close both your ears with your thumbs so that you are not disturbed by external noise. Keep the two index fingers on the forehead and close both eyes by putting the remaining three fingers of each hand on them. First, exhale the air slowly. Then, inhale as much air as possible. Now exhale slowly, making a humming sound like a bee. Making the humming sound in one exhalation is called one chakra or cycle of Bhramari pranayama. Focus your attention on this sound. Practise 10-12 cycles of this pranayama.

Pace of Breathing: Inhale as much air as possible and exhale by making a low sound. Continue to breathe.

Script: Dr. Surakshit Goswami