Come Carpentier de Gourdon

Come Carpentier de Gourdon proposes a reflection of the paradoxical but essential connection between seemingly “hard” realities found in history, geopolitics and the economy and the “soft” contemplative truth of metaphysics, mythology and mysticism.
He shares his time between India, France, Italy and Switzerland. He has lived and traveled in more than fifty countries on four continents.He is an adviser to an international, Indian-owned corporation and provides consulting services to companies and foundations in India and Europe. He is an associate of the International Institute for Social and Economic Studies (IISES), Vienna, Austria.
Come Carpentier is the author of various books and a contributor to several others. He has written some two hundred articles, essays and papers published in diverse journals, seminar proceedings, magazines and newspapers on many topics ranging from world history, western and eastern philosophies and religions, to current geopolitical, strategic and social issues, arts and comparative literature.
His latest titles are From India to Infinity; Memories of a Hundred and One Moons-An Indian Odyssey and A Shining City on a Hill-Novus Ordo Seculorum. He is the co-editor with Dr Kapila Vatsyayan of A Pilgrim Across Wordls – Remembering Raimundo Panikkar.