Walk the Talk: A look at the climate challenges facing coastal villages in Vizag

Oceans help in slowing down climate change, they meet 15% of the global population’s protein needs, and they provide livelihoods to millions of people. But the health of the world’s oceans, the marine life they support and the fisher-folk who depend on them for employment are under severe threat due to unchecked human activity and a warming climate.

Earning a living from the sea can exact a physical and emotional toll, but fisher-folk now have to prepare for climate-related disasters that can destroy infrastructure and trigger displacement, food crises and water insecurity.

Are those who earn a living from the sea aware of what it will take to curb climate change or adapt to the changes that are coming? In this story, we explore how marine habitats are being damaged. We also look at how the health of women in the Bay of Bengal region is being affected by rising salinity in soil and water systems, erosion and other challenges associated with sea-level rise.

“The Coastal Lives” is a podcast which incorporates recordings done during a field trip to the coastal villages of Bheemli and Marimangapeta in Andhra Pradesh, India by Monika Gulati, Programme Executive All India Radio.