Series : Living on the Edge – The Coastal Lives- Episode 1 – Are fishermen leaving fishing ?

Based on the recordings done in the fishing communities of Vizag, Andhra Pradesh.
On one challenging day, three fishermen, unaware about climate crisis, are woefully struck by a whirlpool of disasters in the sea and ended up losing their lives to their craft. Struggling for survival as they halt at a crossroads, with a number of life choices to make, will abandoning fishing be one of them?

The fishers, albeit aware of the oceanic movements, at times get caught up with unprecedented alterations of the sea, and lose their lives, right there, right then. Every day is a risk for them, being a fisher, being themselves is a risk for them.

Living the life on the edge- the fishers contemplate about their existence as it becomes more and more bleak each passing day with ill- timed hurdles to cross. At Vizag- the coastal town of Bay of Bengal, we eye the untold lives and the real stories of the fishers as they row against the tide.
Conceptualized and Produced by Monika Gulati.