Series : Living on the Edge – The Coastal Lives- Episode 3 – Polluted waters add to fisher’s woe !

The pollution has been a bane for all the living beings’ existence worldwide. The fishing community in particular is one of its most affected ones.With rise in untreated sewage and oceanic pollution, Vizag wrestles to hold onto its tag of being the cleanest port in India.
Being the revenue generator for the state, the port and its activities become crucial for maintaining the well being of the fishing community. The deteriorating quality of water has led to a decline in the fish produce, adding to the rising misery of the fishing folk.
Not just that, the untreated waste and sewage creates hazardous health problems for the fishermen, hampering their lives in unnumbered ways.
The shadow lines around the coast life continue to haunt the fishing community yet they set out to chase new horizons every morning!