Series : Living on the Edge – The Coastal Lives- Episode 4 – Why location matters ?

The fishers at Bhimli and Pedda Jalaripeta withstand the struggles of being far and near the city. While fishermen at Bhimli suffer from a deprivation of resources, those at Pedda Jalaripeta are comparatively better off in terms of having an access to basic amenities.
Life in Bhimli pirouettes around the raging sea and battles to strive through the persistently evolving weather conditions and reducing amount of fish, whereas existence at Pedda Jalaripeta is smoother. Being farther away from the sea, they are less exposed to the evils of climate change and manage to survive in the city with more desirable opportunities.

Being one step ahead, the community at Pedda Jalaripeta continues its tradition in all its glory while living at a stone’s throw away from the sea has brought the miseries at close quarters for the Bhimli community, as the changing weather patterns have become the only constant in their lives. Becoming more unruly by the day, the storms keep the fishing community scuffling by the bay.