Series : Living on the Edge – The Coastal Lives- Episode 5 – Women lead in adaptation in Bhimli !

Women are the core nurturers of a social structure. As they take the lead in guarding the fishing community and its identity, by unearthing new livelihood opportunities, the tradition continues to live on!
In order to support their households and maximize the incomes, women of the house are shedding their inhibitions by moving out of the confined spaces and taking up initiatives to educate the youth of the community so as to create a better future for the upcoming generations. Girls in the families are being taught stitching to ensure a modest existence. The available work opportunities for women at Bhimli and Pedda Jalaripeta continue to differ, yet all of them continue their battle to piece a decent life together.
Resilience strategies become the way to go for the fishing community as the women take the lead to challenge their fate and push the coastal lives forward. Becoming pillars of the community, they strive to uplift them out of the dark waters.