Series : Living on the Edge – The Coastal Lives- Episode 6 – Reverence for fishing remains!

Ammaramma’s voice becomes the voice of tradition and its cultural importance for the community. Tsunami and its impact have engraved traumatic memories in the minds of the fishers which led to the onset of the Ganga Maa Jatra as a destroyer of the bad omens on the fishing community, where they collect the earnings as the festival fund to mark the end of their troubles with simplicity and grace.
To erase the fears that have got etched in the psyche of the fishing folk, the festival astoundingly becomes an amalgam of both, a celebration of a conquest over the calamity as well as a marker of the calamity itself.
Climate change and globalisation continue to haunt the fishers but they aren’t left with much choice but to stick to their art and culture as this is what they have been doing all their lives. Their tradition has defined their identity for ages.

Amidst the chaos, the fishers have turned their woes into festivities as symbols of the community’s strength and courage to attain victory over all the hurdles that come their way and to hold onto the faith in their heritage and moving past their sufferings. Memory becomes both a boon and a curse for the community as they struggle between remembering and forgetting!