Series : Living on the Edge – The Coastal Lives- Episode 7 – Work Hazards in the life of Fisher folk

The fishing community as they not only struggle to save their art, but their lives as well. Several work hazards become threats to the lives of the fishers due to untreated sewage, waste and pollutants that enter the sea.
The fishers become prone to several skin infections, impaired eyesight and various other diseases. Further, financial instability and reduced catches lead to alcoholism and tobacco consumption amongst them creating disharmony amidst their families. Loans and debts become their constant plights.
The strength of the fishing community is their persistent belief in their art, which is what keeps them going. Climate change is real and so is the community’s faith. Increased awareness about the changing weather patterns and their tackle strategies are sailing the miseries away from the coastal Lives Living On the Edge, but they aren’t just suffice.
A move towards a better, sustainable and safer environment for all should be our motive. Collective, incentivized growth strategies, like light houses in the dark, would be the only savior for the lives living on the edge as we save them from drowning. Mutual responsibility is the key to save Mother Earth. It’s time to bring our lost boats to the shore as the harbours wait for revival.
Let’s make the coastal lives matter and steer them from the edge and bring them to the centre.
Devised and Produced by Monika Gulati