Series : Living on the Edge – The Coastal Lives- Episode 8 – Survival of the fisher folk – the way ahead

The leaders, fondly called as the king of the fishers, are like the guiding light for their community. Being links between the community and the government, they play crucial parts in taking their tradition forward.
However, as the younger generation from their own family moves toward other attractive pursuits, the future of fishing remains uncertain as the leaders themselves are giving up on keeping up with their art! Climate change has furthered the anguish of the community. Even Government aid isn’t enough to keep the fishers going.
The fishing community still strives to defeat the vulnerabilities that surround its course and move forward to keep their art alive. The challenges to keep their faith intact are manifold, but their belief is stronger than any adversity. New shores are always waiting.
Devised and Produced by Monika Gulati.