Earth Matters : Protection of species of Kaziranga National Park

A major signifier of the smooth functioning of the ecological and biological processes, Kaziranga national park becomes a central and natural binding force for the people and the species. Saving the genus becomes a task of importance as Rhino poaching for its horn becomes a threat to the existence of the species, while elephants and tigers appear to be in lesser danger due to a limited commercial value. Modern poaching techniques pose more dangers lurking in the shadows for these species by the day. The other side of the coin, the local people, play the part of the strong support systems for the conservation strategies as the tourism benefits go hand in hand, keeping the mutual interdependence a key factor for the maintenance of the park. Being a flag bearer for conserving biodiversity, Kaziranga National Park becomes the harbinger of hope for both the people and the species, providing an ever-present habitat along with multi-faceted tourism and recreational benefits.