Vid and Savi : Bruised Passports

Bruised Passports has all the details you would need to plan a trip to a new country – itineraries, accommodation suggestions, packing guides, and tips for budgeting. But Bruised Passports isn’t just...

ASEAN-India Music Festival 2017

All India Radio brings the Radio Report of the first edition of the ASEAN-India music festival which was held at Purana Qila in Delhi from 6th to 8th October 2017. Organised by ASEAN, or the Associat...

Jacob Mohan Thazathu, Helpme See Foundation

Global CEO of Helpme See Foundation, Jacob Mohan Thazathu talks to Rahul Kumar about how the elimination of cataract blindness requires making cataract surgery affordable, and also requires simultane...

Kamal Seth, Human Circle

Founder of social enterprise Human Circle Kamal Seth discusses the need of experiential programmes for the youth in the country. As part of the interview with Kiran Mishra, Seth urges India to be job...

One India, one tax

  Political and financial blogger, and renowned columnist Randeep Kamal Wadehra talks about the intricacies of the proposed goods and services tax or GST.

Tips on beauty and grooming

Retired lieutenant Rita Gangwani speaks to Surya G Yadav on how necessary is soft skills in the social world, and on her experience of training young girls for beauty pageants.

Veena Surma

Chief Operating Officer of Shri Ram Centre for Performing Arts Veena Surma speaks to Lucy G Chattopadhyay on the various activities of the centre and its illustrious legacy since its inception.