Prime Minister Re-Emphasises Development Agenda

 Into his second term in office, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has conveyed to the world that welfare of the poor and developing modern infrastructure would be his government’s twin agenda. The Prime Minister spoke about this in his reply to the motion of thanks to the President’s address to the joint sitting of the Houses of Parliament. Mr. Modi elaborately spoke about what suits the country and people’s interests.

Highlighting the vision of the Union Government, Prime Minister said the government believes in public welfare and modern infrastructure. He said that the government never diverted from the development path, nor diluted the development agenda. “It is important that the country progresses, every Indian is empowered and our nation has modern infrastructure.” Mr. Modi added.

In the last five years, numerous schemes were launched, including for farmers and people working in the unorganized sector. However, the government took India to the path of modernization also. The numbers of the premier All India Institute of Medical Sciences is being increased from six to 20 in the next five years, while plans are afoot to upgrade 150 district hospitals into medical colleges and hospitals.

Similarly, seven new IITs, 14 IIITs, one NIT and four NIDs are being set up across India, while 7 new IIMs are also being opened. There is hardly any sector wherein modernization has not taken place. India ranks 4th in the world in early tsunami warning; it is one of the leading countries in weather forecasting. In the space, India is gearing up to send a manned spacecraft by 2022. After the US, Russia and China, India will be fourth country to send a manned mission into the space. Significantly, India’s premier space agency ISRO is planning to have its own space station in the long term.

India is equally intent on investing its energy and drive to strengthen and modernise its infrastructure. During his reply to motion of thanks to President’s address, the Prime Minister didn’t shy away from saying that rising India also wants modernization of highways, waterways, railways, roadways, aviation, start-ups and innovation. It should be understood that modern and fast transport systems are a basic requirement in todays’ world. Those countries which have refused to go along with the demand of time, have either failed economically or are on the verge of being declared as useless and redundant.


The Prime Minister’s call for making India a five trillion dollar economy by 2024 merits attention. At present, India is the 6th most powerful economy in the world, its $2.8 trillion economy is one of the fastest growing too. To achieve the target of a $5 trillion economy by 2024, India will have to speed up growth from 6.7 per cent currently to 10-11 per cent over the next five years period till 2024. There would be challenges in achieving the target, but India would meet those.

Terming 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and 75 years of India’s independence as landmark occasions in the history of India, the Prime Minister urged everyone to observe these with great vigour. He said that the citizens of the country should strive to build the India, our freedom fighters dreamt of, and live for the nation.

The Prime Minister said that the Union Government has taken many pro-people decisions within weeks of taking charge. He said that those decisions will immensely benefit farmers, traders, youngsters and various other sections of the society. He added that the government has begun fulfilling the promises made to the nation.

Prime Minister Modi called on people to give due importance to water conservation as several parts of the country are from reeling from acute water crisis. The move to establish “Jal Shakti Ministry” shows the government’s commitment of bringing water to every household. The thrust of Prime Minister’s reply in both Houses of parliament was that all political parties should come together to realize the dream of ‘New India’ by 2022.


Script: Shankar Kumar, Journalist